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search engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization: (also known as SEO) is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a website by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. The higher a website ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user. It is common practice for Internet users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks in a search is essential for directing more traffic toward the site. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.Optimizing your site includes writing keyword rich content for every page of your website. Experts say each page of your site should include 250 words of content to be effective. At a minimum each page within your website design should include a title tag, keyword tags, a description tag, and optimized content to go with those elements.

YOUR WEBSITE PHOTOS AND IMAGES: It is also very important to have the images and photos within your website optimized for fast viewing AND SEO. While technology has basically “caught up” to higher resolution images, there are still people surfing the web on dial up connections who may not want to wait for a high res image to load. Even people who are viewing your website on a fast connection will want your site to load rapidly. Site load time is now a factor in the major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Nola Cooper optimizes the images and photos within your website for the best of all scenarios. Never sacrificing the beauty and integrity, yet allowing them to load as quickly as possible. I always make sure that all of your images have an “alt” tag (or attribute) as is required by compatibility standards. Alt tags are used in many ways: by the search engines, when a browser has images “turned off”, and in Internet Explorer when your mouse hovers over an image the “alt” tag will show on the screen. Also, it’s important to remember that screen readers used by the vision impaired use your site’s alt tags to determine the type of content on a web page.

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